Creative course of the Institute “DIPROMISTO” is in effect a history of Ukrainian spatial and urban planning of XX century and already the beginning of XXI century. Institute “DIPROMISTO” is founded after demand of time in 1930 and always has been oriented for urgent problems of state construction.

Already in 1930s the most competent national school of urban and spatial planning has been formed in the Institute, first normative-methodological materials have been worked out, the basis of scientific grounded project elaboration in the field of urban and spatial planning have been elaborated, the foundations of understanding of spatial and urban planning as the most important kind of social activity which synthesize sectoral works for the territory and plans measures for creation and support of valuable environment have been laid out. Taking into account social, economic, nature conservation factors while modelling territorial systems has been always a key principle of planning activity of the Institute “DIPROMISTO”. The complex approach in spatial and urban design demanded a close collaboration with institutions of adjacent sciences (sociology, geography) and state, regional and local authorities.

During the pre-war period DIPROMISTO’s team had elaborated a great amount of projects on regional planning of the most significant industrial regions, planning of cities and villages, design of community facilities, residential and public buildings, allocation of new industrial development, guidance and control on construction, scientific elaboration of key issues in spatial and urban planning, experimental and standard design.

During 1943-44 the key task of the Institute was to identify the loss caused by war to urban economy and define top-priority measures to recovering the cities of Ukrainian SSR. The huge destruction caused by war events in cities and villages demanded not only wide planning measures, but also new approaches to solving problems in the sphere of urban planning.

In 1950s a great attention of planners turned to verdurization and improvement of cities and villages, formation of their architectural view and landscape. In relation to such tendencies in 1962 a new architectural-planning workshop on resort-recreational objects design has been created in the Institute in which both theoretical and practical works on resorts design and typification have been made. In 1960-70s a landscape workshop has been formed in the Institute in which the works on landscape reconstruction of green plantations and natural landscapes organisation have been designed.

Having started in late 1960s the work on schemes of regional planning for 25 Oblasts of Ukrainian SSR lasted until 1989. In 1985 the Institute “DIPROMISTO” started working on Summary Scheme of Regional Planning of Ukrainian SSR. In this complex scheme the versatile analyses of territorial resources and the state of environment, settlement systems, social, engineer and transport infrastructure has been given.

With obtaining the state independence by Ukraine the tasks of revaluation of factors of regions and the whole state development, defining new priority axes of development, reorganisation of settlement system in consideration with political and economic changes, providing the integrated intra-state system of spatial and urban development, taking into account a market relations in planning of settlements development had arisen ahead of the experts in the field of spatial and urban planning.

Since the beginning of 1990s an active work on implementation of geographical information technologies into spatial and urban planning is carried out in the Institute. Already in 1991-1993 the experts of the Institute “DIPROMISTO” have elaborated geographical information system for the purposes of urban planning – MISTO. Since 1995 the Base Center on implementation of GIS into spatial and urban planning is functioning in the structure of the Institute. Already in the end of 1995 it became evident that further usage of own software wasn’t enough to solve the tasks arisen before the Center and the whole Institute. Consequently an active implementation of software products by ESRI – the leader in GIS software production – had been started. Such technological re-equipment allowed not only to rise significantly the quality of spatial and urban planning works, but also to come to rethinking of methodology of both spatial and urban planning and of regions and settlements governing development.

During last 25 years DIPROMISTO’s team had elaborated the General Scheme of Planning of the Territory of Ukraine (the main document in the field of spatial planning adopted by the Law of Ukraine in 2002) and supports methodologically and monitors its implementation; worked on schemes of planning of the territories of 22 oblasts of Ukraine and of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, of the range of raions, innumerable amount of general plans of cities, detailed plans and zoning plans. The Institute “DIPROMISTO” is a partner from Ukrainian side in cross-border collaboration on elaborating the joint projects on spatial development of the cross-border regions Ukraine-Poland (2009-2012), Ukraine-Slovakia (2002-2006), Ukraine-Hungary (2012-2013), Ukraine-Belarus (2003-2006), some international projects such as International project “Tisa Catchment Area Development” (2009-2012).

The strengthening of the Institute in conditions of independent Ukraine has been realized under the direction of Yurii Mykolaiovych Bilokon, Doctor of Architecture, Professor, People’s Architect of Ukraine. The activity of Yurii Mykolaiovych Bilokon in the Institute has been wide and versatile – as a talented architect, who was highly aware of the problems of both planning and architectural design, he made a lot for improvement and development of the Institute functioning. Under his leadership such significant for Ukraine works as the General Scheme of Planning of the Territory of Ukraine, schemes of planning of the territories of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the range of Oblasts, Project of Planning of Suburban Zone of Kyiv City, general plans of Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Greater Yalta and many others, General Plan of National Complex “Expo-Center of Ukraine”, reconstruction of Odessa Opera etc. were elaborated. Yurii Bilokon became one of the initiators of spatial planning of cross-border regions and elaborated methodological basis for these works. Bilokon Y.M. paid a great attention to scientific activity development in the Institute, education of the next generation of experts, implementation of the latest information technologies into the productive activity.

In 2009 in gratitude for 16 years of the talented leadership and in memory of the passionate role of Yurii Bilokon’s personality in the development of the Institute, the staff has initiated to name the Institute “DIPROMISTO” after Y.M.Bilokon which was adopted by the order of the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine.


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