Scientific research in the fields of spatial and urban planning, urban science, architecture, geography, nature conservation, landscape architecture and other is an integral part of the whole complex of works realized in the Institute.

This allows to summarize obtained experience, optimise methodological basis of spatial and urban planning and architectural engineering, elaborate legislative, normative and methodological documents in the field of spatial and urban planning, prepare and publish periodic collected scientific works, educational literature for students, elaborate curriculums, organise scientific conferences, seminars and other events for the experts in spatial and urban planning.

In 2003 the Institute “DIPROMISTO” has been certificated as a scientific and technical institution, but since the very beginning the institute’s design activity has been continually accompanied with scientific and methodological elaborations. In particular, among the main scientific acquirements were:

  1. Elaboration of theoretical and methodological basis of regional planning in Ukraine which for the first time was practically tested in 1930s while elaborating the General scheme of regional planning of the Doneckyi and Kryvorizskyi basins, Dnipropetrovsk industrial region etc.
  2. Elaboration of a theory and practice of settlement system creation in Ukraine and USSR, theoretical substantiation of a necessity of creating group systems of settlements.
  3. Elaboration of a state level territorial planning methodology that found its implementation in elaboration of the Joint scheme of regional planning of Ukraine and the General scheme of planning of the territory of Ukraine.
  4. Creation of a methodology of elaboration of a joint scheme of tourism organisation.
  5. Elaboration of a methodology of an analysis and evaluation of territorial taxa’s development in schemes of oblasts planning.
  6. Creation of a methodology and methods of cross-border regions investigation.
  7. Elaboration of a methodology of complex economic and monetary settlements’ land assessment.
  8. Creation of a theory of territory value determination and settlements’ land assessment.
  9. Development of a methodological apparatus of evaluation of resources potential of regions for the spatial and urban planning needs.
  10. Elaboration of basis of ecological-planning approach to formation of settlements’ water facades.
  11. Elaboration of a system of principles and criteria of sustainable development of the regions of Ukraine in present-day conditions.
  12. Theoretical and practical development of the ideas of zoning design.
  13. Elaboration of a methodology of GIS-technology implementation into spatial and urban planning projects.
  14. Theoretical substantiation of staging of GIS use in separate stages of elaboration of regional spatial planning projects, elaboration of methodological basis of creation decision support geographical information systems for the purposes of spatial planning and regional development.

Scientific and Technical Council acting in the Institute consists of leading specialists of DIPROMISTO, and also experts from other institutions. In the course of year, important theoretical and practical questions of elaboration of spatial and urban planning projects are considered and discussed at Council’s sessions.

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