According to its structural organisation the State Enterprise Y.Bilokon Ukrainian State Scientific-Research Institute of Urban Design "DIPROMISTO" is a hierarchical multi-level system. On the upper level of administration there are a director and a governing body – Academic (Scientific-Technical) Council. Their subordinate bodies are Architectural-Planning and Architectural-Construction Authorities, Engineering-Planning Department and Sector of Transport Networks, Scientific-Research Department, GIS Centre, administrative and auxiliary unites, and also affiliates. At the next level – basic structural unites – workshops, sectors and groups of experts.


Director of the Institute

Shpylevskyi Ivan Ivanovych

Honoured Architect of Ukraine

office: phone 285-63-38, fax 285-63-72

Deputy Director – Head of Engineering-Planning Department

Holovan Oleh Vadymovych


phone 285-70-78

Deputy Director on Research – Head of Centre of geographical information systems

Palekha Iurii Mykolayovych

Doctor of Georaphy


phone 285-11-37

Deputy Director – Head of Planning-Economic Department

Sheyko Halyna Stepanivna


phone 285-40-70

Academic Secretary of the Institute

Syvak Oksana Olehivna

PhD in Geography


phone 285-46-58

Chief Accountant

Tsyhanenko Halyna Oleksiivna


phone 285-73-58

Head of Architectural-Planning Authority – Head of Architectural-Planning Workshop No.1, Chief Architect of Projects 

Tokar Volodymyr Oleksandrovych


phone 285-31-89

Chief Designer – Head of Architectural-Construction Authority

Hryhoriev Viktor Pavlovych


phone 285-66-49

Head of Scientific-Research Department

Zerkal' Maryna Volodymyrivna

PhD in Geography


тел. (044) 285-64-83

Head of the Department of Normative and Methodological Support of Spatial and Urban Planning

Ekonomov Anatoliy Oleksandrovych


phone 285-61-64

Head of Architectural-Planning Workshop No.3, Chief Architect of Projects

Maslova Maria Oleksandrivna


phone 285-12-24

Head of Architectural-Planning Workshop No.5, Chief Architect of Projects

Hubenko Tetiana Viktorivna


phone 285-65-06

Head of the Sector of Transport Networks

Zhukov Dmytro Andriyovych


phone 285-10-16

Deputy Head of Engineering-Planning Department – Leader of the Sector of Spatial and Urban Planning Ecology, Chief Engineer of Projects

Mukha Volodymyr Hryhorovych


phone 285-94-09

Head of Staff and Office Management Department

Zimovchenko Ivan Maksymovych


phone 285-57-97

Head of Labor Union Committee

Nikiforova Oleksandra Andriivna


phone 285-89-44

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