Land management work is one of the types of projects that is carried out by the State Enterprise Y.Bilokon Ukrainian State Scientific-Research Institute of Urban Design "DIPROMISTO".

The Institute has an experience and a wide geography of elaborated projects in the field of executing of plans of land use organisation, land management projects of city boundaries establishment in case of boundary substantiation of water and coastal protection zones, plans of state and municipal land delimitation.  

Among the members of the team of the Institute there are certified evaluator of expert land assessment – Dr. I.Palekha and two certified land management engineers – researchers O.Lykhogrud and O.Patychenko. These Certificates are compulsory during the land management documentation expertise.     

Iurii Palekha is a member of the Qualification commission as to awarding certificates of land management engineers and surveying. 


Publications on land management issues:

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